Geography of Scale

Innovative GIS that Expands with your Business Strategy.

Pixel Trail Geo is focused on helping clients integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with their existing IT systems and workflows. We merge the disciplines of remotely sensed imagery, mobile based field collection, and an enterprise GIS framework to help solve your business’ largest challenges.

We believe that these are the three pillars of success in the field of modern geography that we designed our name Pixel Trail Geo around them.  We then developed a simple solution for your business to integrate these pillars via the Common Operating Picture.

As a GIS based company operating in such an emerging technological field, we continue to focus on Configuration over Customization for our clients. Therefore we leverage the ESRI technology stack which easily integrates with other Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) technology like Microsoft and Geocortex products.

Over the last decade we have developed best practices for ESRI to COTS integration and partnered with other firms to expand our ever-evolving possibilities. As a result Pixel Trail Geo can transform your business in ways never thought possible.

Common Operating Picture (COP)

The Common Operating Picture is Pixel Trail Geo’s term for delivering you an Integrated Enterprise GIS platform.  It’s your business’s assets, industry data, mobile field inputs, non-GIS data, and analytical capabilities all connected into a centralized geographic interface(s).

The Common Operating Picture is:

A Common Operating Picture allows us to integrate GIS into your existing IT systems and workflows faster than industry standards. We will immediately engage in a discussion on Web Mapping Applications, Geo-based Mobile Solutions, & Reporting Goals to begin organizing your final configuration. We will use these final configuration goals to navigate the main business challenge of Data Management and Workflows. This latter aspect is where you will see a tremendous impact on the quality of your Business Operations and reveal New Insights into your Business Strategy.

After all what value does a fancy map or mobile app add if it’s built on a poor foundation of data management?

• Business Analysis
• IT Architecture Analysis
• Software Procurement
• Hardware Procurement
• Data Vendor Procurement
• Public Data Source Compilation
• Proprietary Data Management
• Workflow Analysis
• 3rd Party Software Integration

• Mobile Deployment
• Web Mapping Applications
• Remote Sensing
• Remote Monitoring
• Excel, Access, SharePoint Integration
• GIS Data & Map Templates
• Python Scripting
• Database Design
• Cartography

Geography of Scale

Business Analysis (BA) is the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.  We can use our GIS BA techniques to ensure GIS empowers your organization.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help corporate executives, business managers and knowledge workers make more informed business decisions.  Let us configure complex GIS technology into actionable & valuable BI Tools to drive your decision making process.

As a geographer’s core tool, maps have helped guide explorers into new and exciting territory for centuries. At Pixel Trail Geo we think we represent the next generation of digital geography, and we want to utilize our unique GIS-based solutions to help your business go wherever you want to take it.

If maps are all you think you need now, we can easily scale to meet those objectives.

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